VIP Access to Nepali Cultural Events for Tourists and Ex-Pats


VIP Access to Nepali Cultural Events for Tourists and Ex-Pats

There are hundreds of ethnic, religious and cultural events in Nepal every year. Yet, most of these are organized with the local population in mind and generally do not provide information or accommodations for foreign spectators. Tourists and ex-pats have expressed a great interest in witnessing these events, but they would only do so when well-informed and in a safe and comfortable environment. With NepaliPLUS™, Tourism Events is proud to offer “VIP Access to Nepali Cultural Events for Tourists and Ex-Pats”. Structured as exclusive all-inclusive packages, we offer safe, comfortable, and informative environments to witness and participate to the most spectacular, colourful, and historical events held in Nepal.

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

NepaliPLUS™ Discover Tihar (Sawanti)

VIP Newari Experience at the
Aksheswar Mahabihar Buddhist Monastery in Patan

The Tihar festival is one of the most celebrated occasion in the Nepali calendar. But as foreigner, what do you really know about Tihar (Sawanti)? This ancient tradition is comprised of three days of activities celebrating New Year in Nepal Sambat, the Lunar calendar. During the festival the Newa people perform the Mha Puja which means “Worship of the Self”. For this event, NepaliPLUS™ offers an exclusive and private discovery of the Tihar (Sawanti) festival days ahead of its actual celebration. The purpose is to educate and prepare you to fully immerse
yourself in the festivities. You will spend an enchanted evening in an ancient monastery where you will learn the origins or the festival from local experts, witness its rites and dances, and experience the culinary feast served on this occasion.

Practical Information:

Welcome reception on the monastery rooftop terrace with an amazing view of Kathmandu and the Himalayas at 5:30pm, followed by an introduction to the Tihar traditions, rituals and dances inside the sacred courtyard. You will then enjoy a sumptuous Newari dinner in front of the garden Stupa with a culinary presentation and cultural entertainment until 8:30pm. Individual tickets are priced at NPR 5,000. This event has very limited seating. Free parking available.

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