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VIP Access to Nepali Cultural Events for Tourists and Ex-Pats

There are hundreds of ethnic, religious and cultural events in Nepal every year. Yet, most of these are organized with the local population in mind and generally do not provide information or accommodations for foreign spectators. Tourists and ex-pats have expressed a great interest in witnessing these events, but they would only do so when well-informed and in a safe and comfortable environment. With NepaliPLUS™, Tourism Events is proud to offer “VIP Access to Nepali Cultural Events for Tourists and Ex-Pats”. Structured as exclusive all-inclusive packages, we offer safe, comfortable, and informative environments to witness and participate to the most spectacular, colourful, and historical events held in Nepal.

August 19th, 2018

NepaliPLUS™ Gai Jatra Bhaktapur

VIP Newari Experience at the
Aksheswar Mahabihar Buddhist Monastery in Patan

The Festival of Cows (Gai Jatra) is one of the most popular festivals of Nepal. It is celebrated to diminish the sadness from the death of family members. Bhaktapur is said to have the most enjoyable and exciting Gai Jatra. Here, each bereaved family will parade along the heritage route a chariot made of bamboo wrapped in cloth, with a photo of the dead person hung at the center. Families are accompanied by a cow, or a child dressed as a sacred animal. Many local musicians, cultural dancers, as well as people wearing funny costumes, face paint or masks follow in the wake of the chariot.  For this event, NepaliPLUS™ offers an exclusive and private roof-top bird’s eye view of the parade as it passes through the historical Taumadhi Square in the heart of Medieval Bhaktapur. This package includes transportation from Lalitpur, entrance to the World Heritage site, access to the private covered viewing terrace, access to restaurant food and beverages served at a private table.


Practical Information:

Departure from Lalitpur in A/C bus at 13:00 on Sunday August 19th. Festival time from 14:00 to 18:00, return expected in Lalitpur at 19:00. The non-refundable cost for the event is NPR 5,000pp and includes transportation, World Heritage Site ticket, event viewing, and NPR 2,000 credit towards your food/drinks bill. This event has very limited seating and is reserved to tourist and ex-pat guests 14 yearold and over.

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