About Us

Welcome to Tourism Events and Research Center

Hereby, we present basic introduction of Tourism Events and Research Center to our customer. For more about us please contact us. Thank You!

Who Are We

We are a team of Diplomats, Sports-person, Tourism experts, IT, and self motivated people in the field of tourism.

Our Mission

Our prime aim is to promote the immense potential of tourism in Nepal and all over the world.

What We Do

We basically organize tourism events in Nepal with different prospective. We promote the whole tourism in a creative way.

Our history

Tourism Events and Research Center (TERC) is established as a unique organizer that not only manages and hosts meetings, conventions, events and exhibitions but also different programs that explores and promotes the natural diversities along with its preservation. Basically, we promote and organize pollution free events or at least try to minimize the pollution that is created through burning of fossil fuels. We intend to thrive the tourism business via different dimension with our continuous effort and research in this sector and ultimately changing the trend of tourism prospects in Nepal.


We are recruiting Nepalese and foreigner volunteers to conduct our events that we need regular, semi regular or part time. Positions are from the different background and countries along with we wish fresh or career seeker. For the foreigners, we will arrange their working visa in Nepal if they are intended to stay long time working with us. Please inform us at:


Tourism Events and Research Center is doing research on different field of tourism business. Researches are based on Nepalese tourism industry. Hence, research is not a easy task, so far we organizing various program, which is dedicated to development of Nepal’s tourism. One of the burning issue on Nepalese Tourism is “Sex Tourism”. Inquiry us at:

Advisory Board

We have formed the advisory board to success the event that we organize. In this board we tried to get suggestion and support during the planning and organizing the events. For these preparation we have made following advisory board.

Mr. K. B. Chhetri – Former Diplomat, US Embassy, Kathmandu. He is now Hotelier.
Mr. Ravindra Tamang – Children Human Right Activist and Martial Art Game organizer.

Would you like to host your event with us?

Connect your business with our Community! You can email us your interest in events@tourismeventsnepal.com for details regarding our sponsorship options and partnership opportunities. Ask us about the exceptional value we can deliver to your company. You can organize your event from 50 persons to 5000 person’s capacity events, we have various venue from only venue from 5 star hotel as event venue. In these venues we do most competitive deal to make your event cost friendly with quality services.