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Host your next event at Tourism Events and Research Center or tell us your idea and let’s plan an event together!

Looking for a place to host your regular learning program, workshop, conference or any other special event of up 10,000 people?

Interested in organizing an event with us?
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Service we provide

  • Planning for your event,
  • Logistic support,
  • Transportation arrangement,
  • License and pre-authority from government (if needed),
  • Visas for the international participants,
  • invitation letter for visa needed country,
  • (Guest) speaker request as related the event theme and concept,
  • Graphic, designing and printing support.
  • We also help you to find the sponsorship from local partners in Nepal.
  • You can connect with us to search for media partners as per your theme and concept.

Connect your business with our Community! You can email us your interest in contact us for details regarding our sponsorship options and partnership opportunities. Ask us about the exceptional value we can deliver to your company.
You can organize your event from 50 persons to 5000 person’s capacity events, we have various venue from only venue from 5 star hotel as event venue. In these venues we do most competitive deal to make your event cost friendly with quality services.

Our Human capital

We have diverse human capital to organize this event, in most of the event we hire the consultant, volunteer, intern and regular staff to conclude the event successfully.

Benefits of Hosting your events with us

  • Your cost will be decreased
  • Your participants will be increased
  • Your venue will be superior
  • You will be hassles free
  • We will be marketing your brands

Your cost will be decreased

We assist you to prepare your budgets plan providing you the core information that you need for planning your investments, earnings, financial aids, etc. Also, we help you to find sponsors seeking to market their products in events. We filter our sponsor for you so that your financial needs can be full filled.

Your venue will be superior

We have lots of venues having well architecture and well infrastructure with adequate and professional service staffs providing well services and recognized globally. We also help you to choose the best venue in the hospitality market. We have capacity of 50 to 10,000 capacity of hall in Kathmandu.

Your participants will be increased

We promote events in national and international level using our brand value and company goodwill for you to get more participant for your events. Also, we use and follow up our participant records identifying their interest through their feedbacks given to us on past events. More, we also plan for you to increase your participant in your event.

Nepal is the best country to travel, many reports and research says, so, Nepal government has open almost all the countries’ citizen, so if you organize your event in Nepal most of the registrants will come in Nepal as on arrival visa.

For the good number of participation we will try to gratis the visa fees up on arrival in Nepal with requesting the government, definitely it will increase the number of participants.

You will be hassles free

We take full care of all the management before event and during events until its major objectives are not accrued. We manage all accommodations, accessibility, attractions and amenities that you need for your event.

We will marketing your brand

We help you to market your products in both national and international level. We have our marketing planner who can definitely solve your marketing problem. We mainly focus on digital marketing to brand your product through events and online postal.

We will try to reply you as soon as possible.