Careful Checklist

Here is something special careful checklist you must be careful while you live, walk, drive, trek in Nepal and adventure. Points are relating social behavior, legal conducts and manner during your stay in Nepal. In a checklist some activities are banned socially and legally but in practice, it is used to.

  • Providing Sex service is not legal in Nepal, be careful.
  • Using Marijuana is illegal, don’t use it.
  • Public smoking is legally offensive, be careful while you smoke.
  • Some places are governmental restricted to visit for the foreigners, you have to take permit to visit there. some places are not allowed to visit. In some places you can not go alone, at least two people should be in a trip.
  • Driving by drinking alcohol is prohibited, don’t forget this rule while you drive in.
  • Mountainous region is highly sensitive, you can help to make it clean.
  • Always be pleased while you see new local people in your trip, it makes you comfortable in your journey./li>
  • As a part of the tradition, some Hindu temples do not allow non Hindus to enter.
  • Leather articles are prohibited inside some temple areas
  • Walking around temples or stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • To avoid conflict photography is carried out after receiving permission from the object or person.
  • Public displays of affection are considered scandalous.
  • Nodding of head means “Yes” while shaking of head means a “No”. A slight dangling of head from left to right means “OK”.

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