Quick Facts And Figure

These are the facts you must know while traveling Nepal. Adequate, languages, currency, time zone, clothing, foods water, weather, health services, visa, passport, etc can assist you during your tour in Nepal. Thus, We presented you the quick facts and figure about Nepal that you need to know. Here are some few quick facts about Nepal as a brief introduction to Nepal and the Nepalese people’s way of life:

Quick Facts About Nepal

Country area: 1,47181 Km2, Himalayan Landlocked country.

Climate: The climate depends on height of the lands, the land is 60 Mtr. from sea level to 8848 Meter height of Mount Everest.

Government: Nepal never been colonized and it does not have independence day; it is governed by a democratically elected parliamentary and it is known as Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Population: The population of Nepal is approximately 28,000,000 comprised of various diverse ethnic groups.

Languages: The official language of Nepal is Nepali but English can be use as official purpose, Hindi also spoken widely.

Time Zone: Nepal occupies time zone GMT+5.45 Standard Time.

Currency: The Nepalese Rupees has not a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar (NPR $100 = US $1). ATM machines are available in major towns, trekking routes and cities. American Express, Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, however, cash is preferred in most shops.

Internet and Telecom: Internet is free in Kathmandu Airport, but in the city, data can be bought with Mobile SIM Card, it is very cheap. In Mount Everest two base camp and other major trekking route, it is free to use. There are only two major telecom as Nepal Telecom and NCELL. Tourists can get SIM card of both telecom company instantly and activated within an hour.

Clothing: Light, cotton clothing is recommended during the summer (Dry and Rain). For jungle trekking, pack long pants, long sleeved shirts and comfortable shoes. Binoculars, insect repellent, sunscreen, and hats are essential to tropical travel. In the It is recommend to wear thick and warm down jacket High Hill mountain trekking.

Foods: Hotels and restaurants are widely available in Kathmandu and major cities, but we are recommend to stay in the touristic hotel where you can be suitably fitted as per your need. Rice and beans, fish, chicken, mutton are the popular dish you can serve as per your choice. Orange, Apple and seasonal fruits are available in cities stores and shops.

Water: Tap water in Nepal is not treated and aware to drink, however bottle water is widely available. Most of the hotel use the Ozonized and treated water to their guest.

Passport and Visas: All visitors to Nepal requires a valid passport, for more details please check at http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/

Visa Fees: Most of the countries have on arrival visa in the airport, but 12 countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon should take visa before travelling Nepal. For the tourist $3 per day. You take visa minimum 15 days to 150 days in a year visa in the airport.

Safety: Nepal has a good visitor safety record, however, basic safety tips should be followed wherever you go in the world. Ask your hotel manager or local guide for specific advice on local areas. Nepal is popular for Adventure tourism so take all the safety information before going trekking, tours and other jungle activities.

Health Services: There are two types hospitals in Nepal; one public and two private. Several private doctors are also available. It is recommended that all international travelers purchase medical insurance policy prior to travelling.

Entertainment: Most of the Disco, theater and pub house are concentration in Kathmandu valley and major cities, but you can enjoy folk music and dance in village tour, Nepal government promoted village tourism and eco tourism.