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People of following countries do not get visa ON ARRIVAL at the ANY immigration entry points of Nepal.

1. Nigeria2. Ghana3. Zimbabwe
4. Swaziland5. Cameroon6. Somalia
7. Liberia8. Ethiopia9. Iraq
10. Palestine11. Afghanistan12. Syria

From 1st of January 2016 SYRIA Passport holder banned in on arrival visa in Nepal. Rest of the countries, people can get ON ARRIVAL VISA at the entry points of Nepal.


Taking a Press/Media visa is quite easy but required documents should be presented at the Press Council Nepal.

Requirements with application for Press Accreditation to Foreign Journalist :

Postal stamp of Rs. 10 and 4 copies of pp size photographs
Copy of Passport and recent visa
Resume (CV)
Recommendation of the concerned media. (Address to the Director General, Dept. of the Information, Kathmandu, Nepal)
Recommendation of the concerning embassy/consulate general or Ministry of the foreign affairs of concerning country.
Copy of the Press ID (Media/International Press Card)
Copy of contract paper/appointment letter
Experience : Statement of journalist activities. (if following not in English language, also submit brief translation of the news/article in English or Nepali Language)
If Applicant has already press accreditation card issued by DOI are requested to submit quarterly progress report for further renewal.


For the Business visa you need to come in Nepal for the first time and start the procedure registering the company or joining in the business or company which is already registered in Nepal for further processing. Some areas of the business in Nepal is not allowed to registered for the Foreign Citizen including travel agency. But many areas of the investment are flexible.

We recommend you to appoint reliable Agency or Registered Chartered Accountant or Lawyer to registered your company.

Process :

Opening a Bank Account in USD.
Deposit USD 50K in local bank account or make a commitment paper to invest in Nepal within a year.
Collect Bank Balance Certificate from the Bank.
Prepare your Company By Laws.
Go to the Ministry of Industry, and start your business registration with documents. (Process are online)
Registration company in Nepal is lengthy Process which take about 30 days if everything is fine and fast.

For foreign investors and for their family business visa (with multiple entries) can be obtained from the Department of Immigration for the period of one year or five years upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Industry by paying the equivalent of US $ 100 and US $ 250 respectively in Nepalese currency.

Visa Fees Information :

Business visas fees USD $30 for one month
Business visas fees USD $300 for one year
Business visas fees USD $1000 for 5 years


Taking a working visa in Nepal is not difficult but the worker and employer should prove the need of the ‘foreign candidate’ in a company or industry. Normally, hotel, guest house, resort, trekking and IT company can hire the foreign employee.

Documents Needed :

Application form
Passport and recent visa
Tax certificate and tax clearance
Agreement/Vacancy Announcement
Name of the Replacement Nepalese citizen (If have)
Recommendation of concern Ministry/Departmen
Working recommendation from Ministry of Home Affairs
Interview in Department : Monday and Friday
Result : Monday and Friday. (Not same day)
Duration : 6 weeks

Tentative Cost :

Visa Fees : USD 60 per month

For Multiple additional : USD 60 (Once in a year)

Fee to be paid in Department of Labor : USD 200 (NPR. 20000)

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